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Data structures and libraries for Torch. All instances are Torch serializable with and torch.load.


You can install torchlib as follows:

git clone && cd torchlib && luarocks make

Torchlib is namespaced locally. To use it:

local tl = require 'torchlib'

local m = tl.DirectedGraph()

Examples and use cases are shown in the documentation.


The documentation is hosted here. Alternatively you can build your own documentation with docroc, which you can get here.


Torchlib's can be divided into categories based on usecases.

Basic Datastructures and Algorithms

Machine Learning

The machine learning package contains utilities that facilitate the training of and evaluation of machine learning models. These include:



Pull requests are welcome! Torchlib is unit tested with the default Torch testing framework. Continuous integration is hosted on Wercker which also automatically builds the documentations and deploys them on Github pages (of this repo).